I choose lane.
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Zlata Ostrovsky is a reformed former black-sheep daughter to a powerful Russian mob family that does business in Florida. She is a recurring character in Season Two of the series Claws, portrayed by Franka Potente.[1]


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Early LifeEdit

Zlata Ostrovsky was born and raised in the country of Georgia and is the only sibling to Riva. During her life, she was heavily put down by her family for her choices, including being pulled away from her daughter Olga.

She primarily made her career through publishing a book titled The Kremlin Konnection.[2]


On tour for her book, Zlata announced her presence to her sister Riva and daughter Olga Ostrovsky. Craddling grandson Bogdan, she requested to know if there was anything she could help with in terms of family businesses before pulling her daughter aside to speak alone. Learning of Riva's manipulation of Olga, she joined her in conversing with Desna Simms.[2]

Daughter's MarriageEdit

In order to get the Husser's performing the work she needs to execute her vision, Zlata forced Roller to marry her daughter Olga at gunpoint. She believes now that the Husser's are family they will fall in line.


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  • Riva (Sister and Victim)
    The two were born and raised in Georgia, brought up on the world of crime. Though perceived as the black sheep of the family, Zlata was distanced by many people she loved, including her parents and daughter due to her career choice.
  • Olga Ostrovsky (Daughter)
    Zlata has been separated from her daughter for some time, being taken care of by her sister Riva in the United States. Upon what was originally a visit for her book tour, she reconnects with Olga and pushes forth effort to bring her under her wings after learning of Riva's ongoing manipulation onto her. She arranged Olga to marry Roller after her daughter's confession to get his attention.
  • Roller Husser (Son in-Law)
  • Bogdan (Grandson)


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