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Riva (Russian: Рива, Riva/Georgian: რივა, Riva) is the former leader to the Russian Mafia and the sister to Zlata Ostrovsky. She is an antagonist in Season One and a minor character in Season Two of the series Claws, portrayed by Andrea Sooch.


From the little that is known about her, it is known that Riva comes from Eastern Europe (Russian, Georgian, ethnic Georgian in Russia or possibly ethnic Russian in Georgia) and spent some time in prison before going to the United States (mainly due to the tattoos she has on her hands, typical of criminals and members of the Russian Mafia).

Sometime before the events of the Season One, she migrated to the United States, where she settled, in Palmetto, Florida and where she established her own criminal organization, the powerful Russian Mafia.


Riva is shown to be a powerful and ruthless criminal, mainly due to her status as head of the Russian Mafia. She has a strong temperament, and often clashes against other powerful criminals, like Gregory Ruval (the head of the Haitian Mafia and Clay Husser (the head of Dixie Mafia).

Interestingly, it has a good relationship with Desna Simms and her group, the Desna's Divas, to the point of being a client of the Nail Artisan of Manatee County managed by Desna and having a business partnership with them.

On the other hand, Riva shows a deep hatred against her own sister, Zlata Ostrovsky (considered the black sheep of the family), due to Zlata's attitudes before the beginning of the series. Because of this, a power struggle ends up between Riva and her sister for control of the Russian Mafia.



Memorable Quotes[]

"Blood is not thicker than water."
--Riva. (Teatro)


  • The tattoos on Riva's hands have several meanings and have connections to her criminal life before moving to the United States (such as the White cross on a black background tattooed on the ring finger of her left hand, whose meaning is "I've been through the crosses", that is, indicating that she have served solitary confinement and a crown tattooed on the index finger of the left hand, whose meaning is "this person is a criminal boss or authority", showing her status as head of the powerful Russian Mafia).
  • As head of the Russian Mafia, her position as head of the Russian Mafia can be said in different ways: Pakhan (Russian: Пахан, Pakhan or Boss), Krestniy Otets (Russian: Крестный Отец, Krestnyy Otets or Godfather/Godmother), Vor (Russian: Вор, Vor or "Thief", from Vor v Zakone/Vory v Zakone or Thief in law), Papa or Avtoritet (Russian: Авторитет, Avtoritet or Authority).
  • The actress who plays Riva, Andrea Sooch, is known for her previous work in the series "The Blacklist". In this series, she plays Virginia King (Real Name: Lena Volkova, Russian: Лена Волкова, Lena Volkova), the mother of one of the main antagonists, Katarina Rostova and grandmother of the female protagonist of the series, Elizabeth Keen (Real Name: Masha Rostova, Russian: Маша Ростова, Masha Rostova).




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