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Olga Ostrovsky (Russian: Ольга Островский, Ol'ga Ostrovskiy/Georgian: ოლგა ოსტროვსკი, Olga Ost’rovsk’i) is the daughter to Zlata Ostrovsky, wife to Roller Husser, and mother to Bogdan. She is a recurring character in Season Two of the series Claws, portrayed by Katherine Reis.


Early LifeEdit

Olga is the daughter to Zlata Ostrovsky and watched after by her aunt Riva while her mother settled with writing books in Georgia. During her time in Palmetto, she met Dixie Mafia member Roller Husser, the two eventually engaged in sexual relations before departing their separate ways. Olga becomes pregnant with another man's child; for reasons unknown, the person identified as the biological father was pointed to Roller, prompting Riva to obtain funds to provide child support.[1]

Motherly GreetingsEdit

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  • Zlata Ostrovsky (Mother)
  • Riva (Aunt)
  • Roller Husser (Husband)
    Initially, Olga and Roller were only sexual partners, despite her being underage at the time of their encounter. Under the ruse of carrying his child and in an effort to gain his attention, she and her mother Zlata arranged a forced marriage between the two. Seeing Roller's more nurturing and compassionate side, however, and her mother's threat to kill Bogdan for information on Clay Husser's whereabouts, she confessed that the child was not of his blood.
  • Bogdan (Son)



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