This page lists all the minor characters in Claws and each episode they appear in.

Season OneEdit

Image Plot Details Appearance(s)
Yvonne Landry as Brenique An emotional client of Desna Simms who receives a manicure. Tirana
Michael Hodson as Caterer Provides sour shrimp during the New Years Party at She She's. Tirana
John Wilmot as Priest Officiates Roller Husser's funeral. Funerary
Mandy Heiser's assistant. Quicksand
Lee Hudson as London A hired masseuse who informs Sally Bates of Polly Marks' ankle bracelet. Fallout
Jason Bayle as Mitchell Wilks Employee for Titus Industries; previously had an inquiry with Roller Husser over the phone and becomes a person of interest. After correcting Clay Husser of his place of occupation, he is shot in front of the women and fed to alligators. Fallout
Todd Gable as Fiancé Shelly's soon-to-be new husband. Fallout
Brittany Wilkerson as Shelly Kenneth Brickman's former spouse of whom he had kinky sex. Quicksand (mentioned)
John Buckwalter as Ed An wealthy, elderly and delirious man. Fallout

Season TwoEdit

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Season ThreeEdit

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