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Gladys Coleman Pirette is an artist based in Edgewood who discovers and keeps Roller Husser captive as her sex slave. She is a recurring character in Season One of the series Claws, portrayed by Jane Adams.


An AngelEdit

Miss Honeychurch sails her boat back to her house in the swamplands when she spots an unconscious body on a partially burned boat. Elated, she climbs onboard and retrieves it, brings it back home, and lets it rest.[1]

One evening, Miss Honeychurch dances to classical music. The body wakes, revealed to be Roller Husser. He croacks for water, though she responds in bliss that he is alive. Referring to him as "Mr. Emerson," she shares a kiss with him and locks him to a chain.[2]

South Beach Art ShowEdit

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First ArrivalEdit

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The ShowcaseEdit

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Roller's EscapeEdit

Roller manages to convince her not to kill herself or him, but go through with her art. Energized by this, she agrees and they have sex.

During the art show, Roller manages to cut through his bindings and slips away in the confusion. Gladys notices his disappearance and pursues him with her gun, shooting at him and pleading with him to return. Just as she corners him, the Russian mafia appears and loads Roller up in their van, to her dismay as he leaves.


"An agoraphobic woman with ‘artistic talents.’ She uses romantic, peppered with psychotic, lines to play out her fantasy.”


  • Roller Husser (Kidnapee and Sex Slave)
    After finding him unconscious on a burned boat in the swamp, Gladys carries him away, patched his gunshot wound, and held Roller captive. While under her psychotic supervision, she repeatedly views him as "Mr. Emerson," an British suitor whom she romantically and sexually obsesses over as well as showcase her abstract art sculptures. Through his repeated attempts to leave, Gladys threatens to shoot Roller and rarely keeps him loose from a chain. During the art show, he is finally able to escape and even though she corners him, the Russian mafia takes him from her.
  • Russian Mafia



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