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• 9/17/2018

Season Two Complete

Another 10 this year. So much to unpack and discuss. Where do we begin?

We witness the shift in dynamics of power and position here. Where Clay and the Dixie Mafia stood was taken over by the Russians, notably Riva, and Desna's crew in some way or fashion. When Riva's sister Zlata comes by to visit, she unloads her pain and takes over where Riva stood while having plans for her daughter in the process. Despite witnessing her kill off her sister, Des finds herself under her wings and guidance to become a better boss. She also moved forward in her relationship with Gregory Ruval, going as far as to be introduced to his mother Madame Matilde and him to propose her hand in marriage.

Ann finally vents her frustrations over putting Des' needs over her own and, after all of this, finally gets her woman back, unaware Arlene was still on their cases to have Kenneth and even Desna arrested for their affiliation to the Russians. Jenn is still dealing with blowback from the one infidelity, while Bryce plots alongside Clay and Roller to take out Zlata without Ruval's support. Polly is dealing with underlying issues that ruin her own relationship with Marnie, and Virginia is still adjusting to the conditions under being a part of Desna's Divas.

What were some favorite moments? Who do you want to see fall and see glow? Anything you hope happens in the next season?
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• 8/14/2017

Season One Complete

All 10 episodes have been aired. And all the drama (or what we have seen thus far) has been cleared and put aside Desna and her crew. So let's talk about that.

Much has happened throughout the whole season: Desna and Virginia tried to kill Roller, Ann had to cross one woman she finally connects with on a deeper level, Polly has proven to be bad when she needs to be while still being a sweetheart, Jenn and Bryce continue to live complicated--with Bryce relapsing to drugs and Jenn's affair with the square dancer, and the Dixie Mafia dissolved to the Russians. These weren't all that happened, but there are some points to get some voices on.

How was the show for you? How much more or less did you like as the season progressed? Would you be prepared for the second season? And what is it that you're looking forward to in 2018? Share your thoughts.
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• 5/25/2017

Finally! The nail salon drama we've all been waiting for.

Who else is excited for Claws on TNT?
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